The mission of the Office of 制度研究 and the 品质提升计划 (OIR/QEP) is to provide data and 信息 that internal and external constituents use to plan, 做决定, 认证机构的有效性,以及与质量提升计划相关的实施和报告. 事实 and 信息 are made available in formats that lead to the development of "new ideas" and actions that serve as the basis for improving academic and support programs to enhance student learning.


在未来五年内, 机构研究办公室应向其成员提供包含数据的自动化资源环境, 信息, and publications in support of research initiatives that improve student learning; institutional effectiveness; and the African American community, 这个国家, 这个世界.


Annual goals and objectives for the Office of 制度研究 and the 品质提升计划 are summarized in the table below.

O1. 主要研究活动(例如.g., 事实的书, 要求外部机构进行调查,如国家教育统计中心(NCES), 商学院和项目认证委员会(ACBSP)报告, 乔治亚州专业标准委员会, 教育工作者准备评审委员会, 和招生)将完成,并将发布相应的报告.
G2. 方便发货, 评价 and dissemination of results of institutional effectiveness activities that support student 评估s of learning, 订婚, 和满意度
O2. 基于商业或机构评估学生数学能力的报告, 写作, 阅读, 批判性思维能力, 或参与课堂和课外活动将完成(e.g., combined report based on data from the National Survey of Student Engagement [NSSE] and 教师 Survey of Student Engagement [FSSE], 大学学业能力评核, 及毕业班学生调查[SGS]).
O3. 研究活动(简报, 报告, or projects based on data that from Jenzabar or research studies completed by the Office of IR/QEP that may include collection of 评估 data from individuals) and ad-hoc requests for 信息 will be completed.
O4. Facilitate completion of the updates to the outcomes and objectives (and their corresponding 报告) as defined in the 佩因大学 Institutional Effectiveness Paradigm Policies, 的指导方针, 及程序手册.
G3. To facilitate (annually) assembly and organization of available documentation regarding implementation of activities and preparation of 报告 associated with the 品质提升计划 (QEP)
O5. 方便将所有通用课程的大纲和作业载入黑板.
O6. 确保在黑板上确定并公布QEP作业的评分截止日期.
O7. 下载并总结所有QEP作业的成绩.
O8. 用年度数据摘要更新QEP报告.
G4. 建立一个互动的, 自动资源环境,向欧宝体育下载的支持者提供机构研究和评估数据
O9. 成立一个委员会,以(1)寻求资金来源并撰写资金提案, (2)审查和评估自动化资源产品的来源, (3)选择一个自动化资源产品来呈现机构研究和评估数据
O10. 采购自动化资源环境的设备和软件, 设置自动化资源环境
O11. 测试环境
O12. 向校园成员开放使用环境
O13. 向校外人士开放使用环境


The Office of 制度研究 and the 品质提升计划 (IR/QEP) serves as the official 信息 source for 佩因大学 and its constituents whether they are on-campus or in the local, 区域, 国家, 在国际舞台上. 该办公室在机构研究方面发挥着至关重要的作用, 规划, 评估, 评估和完成与质量提升计划相关的活动. 如下所述有三个重点领域.


Functions related to institutional research include collecting data and organizing it into 信息 for use in institutional research, 评估, 评估作为概况和报告完成. 它们还包括审查、分析和解释收集到的数据. 使用适当的工具和统计技术来提供准确可靠的文件和报告是至关重要的. 办公室人员的基本职责是

  • Develop an effective data collection system and sound strategies for obtaining quality data from internal and external sources in collaboration with the immediate supervisor
  • 收购, 组织, 分析, and synthesize data and results from internal and external data sources to produce the 事实的书 and meaningful and accurate 报告
  • 完成所有要求和要求的机构调查
  • 使用InfoMaker提取学生, 教师, 从Jenzabar获取员工数据,并审核输出的合理性, 精度, 一致性, 和有效性
  • 文档查询/报告标准和流程,以确保方法在未来项目中的一致应用
  • 根据要求编写关于国际原子能机构第三章活动的业务绩效的统计报告
  • 为个别教员提供指导和帮助, 工作人员, 并且管理员可以确定合适的数据和信息来满足他们的需求
  • 与单位人员合作完成单位活动


Leadership and support for developing and maintaining an ongoing and comprehensive process of 评估 and 评价 of student learning outcomes in the Common Curriculum and degree programs are the primary functions related to 评估 and 评价. 工作人员 members give guidance to all institutional units as success is documented in completing ongoing outcomes and objectives. 办公室人员的基本职责是

  • 管理, 指南, and monitor tasks relative to the implementation of institutional 评估 and 评价 activities that document improved student learning and other aspects of the College in collaboration with unit leaders and the immediate supervisor
  • Review objective and outcome 报告 from all units to ensure appropriate use of 评估s that document improved student learning or other office objectives
  • 计划、协调和完成全校范围内的评估活动(如.g.、NSSE和CAAP)和相应的报告
  • 为教师提供指导和帮助, 工作人员 and administrators in determining suitable analytical methodologies to meet their needs for 评估 data to support both accreditation and departmental program reviews
  • 监督项目级调查的发展和管理, 收集数据分析, 并将结果传播给适当的受众
  • 解释评估结果,并使用适当的方法报告这些结果, 重点是影响体制决策和政策制定的结果
  • 为计划提供战略性和年度数据或信息, 评估, 评价, 提案开发, 和标题III
  • Work collaboratively with College personnel (professional and support) to complete assignments to evaluate the impact of activities designed to improve the effectiveness of College programs


欧宝体育下载于2011年建立了一个特殊的评估项目,其总称是质量提升计划(QEP). 其目的是提高学生在当今信息丰富的社会中的读写能力和决策能力. 学院项目的标题是“规范之外的互动学习”(L.I.O.N):欧宝体育下载的名著. It was chosen to support 佩因大学's mission of providing a "liberal arts education of the highest quality" that emphasizes academic excellence, 道德和精神价值, 社会责任, 个人发展. 潘恩's QEP aims to link literary works with contemporary issues to prepare its young men and women to be analytical thinkers and problem solvers. The primary duty of the office personnel is to oversee the development and preparation of the College's QEP Impact Report to be submitted to SACSCOC. 其他基本职责是

  • Direct the preparation of all modifications to the QEP required for compliance with the recommendations provided by the Southern Association of Colleges and 学校 Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) and direct the preparation of the College's QEP response
  • 监督所有质量环境计划的质量保证过程
  • Serves as a member of and coordinator of the QEP Implementation Team and work closely with all members of the QEP Implementation Committees to prepare for the submission of all required QEP 报告 to the College and SACSCOC
  • 确保在规定的时间内完成每个QEP目标
  • 为各部门提供技术和操作支持,并对QEP援助请求作出回应, data, 评估, 和分析
  • Assist with 评估 research as needed for benchmarking and comparability purposes and 分析 data/信息 for QEP objectives; prepare results and findings for dissemination, 适当的
  • 协助解释CAAP和其他数据(如有必要)
  • 每年秋季和春季为学院范围内的专业发展会议协调员工发展活动